Let’s improve our play spaces

Fun playing the other night with my daughter in Glandore.
Let’s continue to invest in great open space in our community.


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3 comments on “Let’s improve our play spaces
  1. Vesna says:

    Hi Michael,
    I am a resident in the Glandore area with young children & also have an interest in great play spaces for our little citizens. I have been particularly interested in the “nature playbase” playgrounds that have been popping up. Marion & Adelaide council have some great examples & it would be great if West Torrens council could look at upgrading some of our uninspiring plastic playgrounds into exciting new play spaces that encorporate water & natural elements. Particularly since there has been approval of some medium density housing (another bugbear of mine) that would encourage children to play outside. Here’s a great article I found that maybe of interest too you.



  2. Vesna says:

    Also I would encourage you to visit “Nature Play Design” page on Facebook that posts a number of great evidence based articles that shows the importance of outdoor nature based play for children. Especially since the finding for the opal program has been cut we need mor outdoor play areas to ncourage children to head outside & get moving. Thanks

  3. Thank you Vesna for your comment. Having a 3 and1 year old, I am a frequent user of playgrounds and my daughter usually tells me which ones she wants to go to!
    I agree West Torrens has been a little slow on the trend of moving away from the ‘cookie-cutter’ plastic playgrounds. There is the new Falcon Avenue playground, which is a move in the right direction (https://www.facebook.com/cityofwesttorrens/photos/ms.c.eJw9zMENwEAIA8GOIoMNgf4biw6F~_468NkN7Ad4mduuxAYpRBjoWkmeR5EJhwPIHoU~;isR8iBm6igOvNKnyAZRev.bps.a.1109279939144003.1073741851.694601243945210/1109280029143994/?type=3), but more can be done.

    There needs to be more innovation in WT, not only in playgrounds, but our public spaces as well.

    Also the inclusion of a toilet facility in play spaces is important for ‘Mums’ (or dads) groups to meet for play dates, or to host kids birthday parties.

    One thing we can be thankful for is that Glandore has been protected as a ‘Character’ area, so we should not see any more high density approved (except along Anzac Hwy) – unless of course if the State Govt over-rules the development plan as they have done on Anzac Hwy Ashford recently!!

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