Summer Green Lawn Tip: Treat your weeds now

If you want to have the greenest lawn in West Torrens this summer, now is the time to treat the weeds in your buffalo or kikuyu lawn. Doing it now, before they have a chance to grow large amounts of seed – often the brown prickles that are uncomfortable in summer, give a better result than waiting until spring.  Also reducing the amount of new weeds you will have next spring, germinating from this years seeds.

The verge out the front of my house is full of weeds.  It seemed they grew almost overnight this week, with a couple of warmer days in Adelaide this week.

This is what the weeds looked like this afternoon:


and a close up of the offending weeds, if you you look closely you can see the small prickles forming:



For weeds in buffalo and Kikuyu, I use Amgrow Bin Die (active ingredients Bromoxynil and MCPA).



This is available from any hardware or garden shop.  It is available in the concentrate bottle above, which I mix with water in a 5L pressure sprayer, then spraying all the lawn area, with extra application to any trouble spots.


It does take a couple of weeks to work, and the lawn may yellow a little.  Sometime a second application is needed in approximately 4 weeks time to treat all of the weeds.

This will allow your lawn to not have to compete with weeds for nutrients, and allow strong growth leading into spring.  I usually feed the lawn 4 weeks after weed treatment.

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One comment on “Summer Green Lawn Tip: Treat your weeds now
  1. […] by hand as I did in this pic today.For those with home lawns, I wrote an article back in 2014 on how to treat these types of weeds at home during September for an amazing summer […]

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