Move to close loopholes to protect Glandore Character Area.


I thank the rest the Elected Members for the support to start this process.

On Tuesday night I moved the below Motion on notice to commence a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to close a loophole that may allow high rise apartments to be approved adjacent to the Character homes in Glandore along ANAZAC Highway.

Our Administration is effectively recommending against the process, mainly as it doesn’t exactly fit the Minister’s preferred timelines of the new Planning Regulations in SA. (Administration comments here: What I am hearing from residents all over our city is they don’t like what the Minister is doing with our Planning system and in this case just want the loopholes closed. (And don’t really care for his timelines)

The Minister should really support this change as it is the intent of the Housing Diversity DPA that he signed off in 2015, after much community consultation.

There will be a modest financial cost to Council, but we much protect our Development Plan and ensure operates as intended.
Motion with Notice

Urban Corridor changes to Protect Glandore Character Area 24

That the Administration urgently develops a statement of intent for submission to the Minister for Planning amend the relevant sections of Council’s Development Plan, with regard to Anzac Highway, Glandore to:

a. Ensure the community intent of the plan is reflected, as heavily consulted in 2013 and subsequently approved by the Minister for Planning in 2015.

b. Specify that the maximum height limit is 3 storeys for all land in the Urban Corridor Zone between Beckman Street and South Road, to protect the Character of the Glandore Character Policy Area 24.

c. Strengthen the wording with regard to maximum height limits to ensure the relevant authority gives strong regard to the maximum height limit when considering any development applications.


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