Objection to 8 storey development at Glandore

It is now the official position of the Council to strongly oppose the proposed development at 192 ANZAC highway, after Council carried my resolution (below) at the August 1 Council meeting.

Minister Rau must enforce the intent of the Development Plan he supported in 2015 to protect the Character Zone of Glandore from developments greater than 3 storeys.



Moved: Cr Michael Farnden
Seconded: Cr Kym McKay

That Council writes to the Minister for Planning, John Rau (cc Steph Key. State MP for Ashford) stating that:


  1. Council strongly opposes the proposed 8 storey development, currently under consideration of the Development Assessment Commission at 192 Anzac Highway Glandore.
  2. Consideration should be given to Council’s intent for the three storey height restriction on allotments abutting Glandore Character Policy Area 24 (PA24) within the West Torrens Development Plan. This policy is intended to ensure that Urban Corridor development in proximity to the PA24 does not impinge on PA24’s character regardless of whether or not the development shares a direct property boundary with PA24.
  3. It is Council’s opinion that any multi-storey development proposed along the southern side of Anzac Highway between Beckman Street and South Road Glandore, should be developed with consideration to the potential impact on the neighbouring Character Area of Glandore and limited to 3 storeys in height.
  4. The relevant authority should give strong weight to the car parking requirements of the West Torrens Development Plan as to not impact the amenity of local streets with additional car parking.
  5. Council seeks his views on which of the following approaches he would be prepared to support to address the unanticipated anomaly created by hammerhead allotments in the application of Urban Corridor Zone Boulevard Policy Area 42 adjacent Glandore Character Policy Area 24 and provide clarity on the matter so that development is assessed in the way in which Council intended:
  1. A Section 29 amendment to the West Torrens Development Plan to provide for the inclusion of a concept plan that illustrates and details acceptable building heights in proximity to the interface between the two zones in the locality.
  2. A Development Plan Amendment for the subject area that would enable a concept plan to be included in the West Torrens Development Plan that clearly delineates acceptable building heights in proximity to the interface of the two zones and identifies precisely which allotments are covered by the policy variations.
  3. Policy clarification to be included through mechanisms available for local variations in the upcoming Planning and Design Code.
  4. An alternative remedy nominated by the Minister.


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