Let’s protect our Character areas

Our character areas add a great value to our diverse city.
I have a proven record of standing up to protect these areas from the impact of high rise development and other infill.

During the last term of Council I was able to significantly reduce the impact of high rise developments on the streets of Keswick, Ashford, and Glandore, while retaining Character areas in Ashford and Glandore.

Contact me and we can chat about the details.

I have a track record of standing up for the residents concerns.



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3 comments on “Let’s protect our Character areas
  1. Maurice Wilcox says:

    Hi Michael, I would love to talk to you about councils policies on this matter as I’m being encouraged to knock down my heritage bungalow and build townhouses in Ashford rather than retain the suburbs character frontage. This is based on the revised development plan and allows a developer across the road to build 4 townhouses on a 600m2 block and create a parking nightmare.


    Maurice Wilcox

  2. Hi Maurice,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I agree that Ashford character areas should be protected. During my last term (2010-14) I managed to get the proposed Character Area in Ashford increased to include most of the heritage houses, also reduce the height of the surrounding zone from a proposed 6 stories to the existing 3. Unfortunately this was over-ruled in the final approved plan by the State Planning Minister (after my term ended).
    Also I not that has been a recent approval on Anzac Highway way above the approved lower limit which is supposed to surround the Ashford Character area. (this was approved by the State Govt.
    I believe West Torrens in some cases has been too soft in prosecuting residents wishes regarding planning. In the end, the State Minister can over-rule but more opposition from the locals can sometime be persuasive.

    I don’t have your number, but if want to give me a call (or let me know your number by email mfarnden@gmail.com or SMS 0490490691) I will call you back.


  3. Maurice Wilcox says:

    Great stuff Michael, ive sent you an email and will give you a buzz later this afternoon.

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